Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide


The dash board wiring was initially the most difficult part of the wiring, as few instructions, however just by simply 'starting, it became clearer.

I purchased 3 small busbars so I did not have to daisy chain the wires too much as the small terminals do not like 2 wires going in to them. I also wanted to be able to isolate issues and not wonder where on a daisy chain a fault might be.

Once the dash has been trimmed in leather, I plan to hot glue some of the wayward cables.


I started with the earths (black), then the +12v feed (green) then the light illumination (red,white) and then the others became more obvious.


I didnt want to have to install the speedo sensor device at the prop shaft as I have a modern gearbox with it built in.

Simple signal wire and earth from the gearbox sensor straight into signla wire on speedo.

There was actually a spare hole in the 6 pin dash plug, so I used this for the connection.


The fuel pump required purchase of ____________  and was wired in with help frrom Jon (AK)