Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide


AK Sportscars

Here I have linked some documents that were useful.

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Merlin MotorSport Parts S&J Price List CobraGuideline Tremec TKO 600 5 Speed 26 Spline AK-BUILD-MANUAL-GEN-2-AND-3-MASTER flareTypes OrderofCoilPacksLS3 LS3 Crate Engine 430HP

Link to AK Sportscars web site


                                                                                    Parts required from Merlin


History\Guide on how Cobras 'should' look





S&J price list as of August 2020                                        Info on the LS3 engine





Flare types                                                     Info for Tremec Gearbox




Order of ignition                            

                                                         AK Cobra Build Guide





Locations of sensors

LS3 Sensors