Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide

Engine Install

The engine install went very smoothly all things considering, which was mostly thinking about this ton weight swinging about on the end of a crane as I shuffled it across the garage.

I mated the gearbox to the engine first and then positioned over the engine bay. Quick query as to which way the engine mounts fit as this can give or remove a couple of inches forwards\backwards,

Then I had to make gearbox dip as low as possible to manouvere it under the tunnel.


This was a heart in mouth moment, mainly as it was not for sure that the gear box would miss the fuel pump.

Thankfully fuel pump in correct position, but a gusset on the gearbox had to be ground out by angle grinder.


Then ensure all straight and mark mount the gearbox mount and drill and tap for M12.

Really important to put power stearing hoses on now, as one attaches to behind main flywheel and will b very hard to get to once everything else added.