Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide


The exhausts were the most frustrating part of the car so far.

Firstly, there just didnt seem to be much instruction on how to fit them, but I have listed key info below.

Secondly, the tabs welded on to the exhausts are not quite in the same place on each one, which very annoyingly means the angle at the back is different. I have photos and measurements to prove this.


I could bend the brackets a little so the exhaust tip is at the right angle, but this then means the exhaust has been raised, so you need to bend the fixing brackets to lower the exhaust but then the collector entering the car is to low.

Also the tabs on exhaust had been bent at different angles. One lot was around 20 degree which I had to bend to be approx 10 degrees.

The first picture shows me bending a tab with the one in the background unbent.


Basically I have one side absolutely perfect and one side with the tip pointing a little down. Not enough to dwell on, but I know its there!


Instructions that I collected from Jon at AK and other builders:

Fit exhausts when body is on car, this is because the body does not sit square or is off set towards drivers side more, as per second and third pictures.

Apparently this is as per original car and I should throw my tape measure away. Not sure why it cannot be fixed on a modern build!


Keep collector entering the body as low as possible, maybe approx 10mm from frame so that J-pipe has a chance to line up.

Weld cat on to exhaust. Weld J-pipe to flange, which then bolts to manifold.

When cat is slid onto J-pipe then use U bolts and possibly thin amount of exhaust paste to seal.

I cut a small scallop out of cat and out of exhaust so they can insert into each other and snug up better.

I held all this in place whilst a mobile welder tack'd everything. Then removed so it could be welded on the driveway.


My exhaust brackets are drilled and tapped to frame with M12 bolts. I may weld to frame in future.