Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank was fitted as per instructions, however I added another bolt on to each tab, and all were drilled and tapped.

The sender was fitted by following instructions to shorten and bend the internal wire and float.


The filler hose is straight forward, but no mention of breather install and where it might vent to.

AK say you can vent using one way valve but better to vent properly, so got a T pipe made up for £20 from eBay seller who can do you any size pipe and ends. Brillant.


Top off with crazily priced Brasscraft filler and all done.

Make sure you centre hole perfectly for filler cap and also make sure you can screw it on without it hitting side of body, else you will never get it all screwed back on once you have it all nicely painted.