Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide


Lights were interesting to fit. The front are not so bad, but a few holes I had to elongate to allow me final positioning.

Rear lights on the wings were difficult as the flat spots are not so well defined, but again I slightly elongated a couple of holes to allow everything to line up.

The main problem was finding a centre line as hardly anything is equal, especially when I want everything mm perfect.

Basically I took everything from the boot light as that cannot really move from its flat spot, although even this needs some minor filing to allow bottom edges of light to sit against body.

I thought the massive lights from S&J were too big so CBS do IVA ok lights, which i 'frenched' in, although the bottom edge will need something to make radius ok for IVA.

Basically made hole and then light is held in place by bolt in the back straight into frame. I will glass over the lights in boot as bulb replacement is through removable lense cover. Wires drop through grommet in boot and into side of light with enough lentgh for it to be pulled out the front.

Not sure if I should make holes bigger and line with rubber trim, or just tidy up with P38 and paint.