Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide


Latest update - Feb 2021


Car is now in for paint at 355 bodyshop next door to AK.

They are sorting door hanging and adjustment, so quite pleased, and looks like they do a top notch job.


HOWEVER, i thought i knew what i wanted - red with white stripes, but the large bonnet scoop denotes where and how wide the stripes are, and I think it will be too much white. two large bands down the car on red pearl just looks too much and odd.  Bugger.


Still really want pearl red, so looking at quite a bright pearl red with dark pearl red stripes, so not so much impact.


Should be ready in 4-5 weeks, so got to investigate interior trim and seats.



Windscreen wiper motor now fitted with the flared pipes that the wire runs in. Not tested yet, but hopefully no snags

as it pushed through fairly easily.

front splitter still slight adjustment required, and make air vent holes when I take the windscreen off.

Locks all fitted and installed some polished stainless engine covers. It might be a bit much, but once wheeled outside in the sun, it looks awesome.