Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide


Latest update - end November 2020


Ssssssssssssssssstill waiting another week or so for windscreen Brasscraft (make sure you order in good time as 10 week waiting list is mentioned although I have now been waiting 14 weeks)


Once this is fitted it will allow me to space windscreen wipers correctly and fit, and mount dash more permanently, although now wiring in the immobiliser, and still have to fit windscreen vents.


Jack lifters fitted and front splitter although slight adjustment required.


Locks all fitted and installed some polished stainless engine covers. It might be a bit much, but once wheeled outside in the sun, it looks awesome.

Just need to line up the doors and do door cards and pretty much there.


Cold weather making it difficult to want to go in the garage though........


I suspect most builds take a long time due to saving cash for the big purchases and I am no different.

Screen £900

Fuel Cap £350

Paint job 4.5k to 8k

All lights £300'ish

Jack lifters a crazy £170 to £240 for some bent metal!

Interior around 2k


I can see a long gap in progress until painted.....