Building a Cobra Replica

russ howell

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a rough guide

Windscreen and associated bits

The windscreen finally made an appearance and once £1400 was handed over (vents as well) I took it home and started fitting.

Cris does do an excellent job with these, however I think i'll aquire some chrome vents on the next build.


Windscreen was in and out a few times. Rubber initially quite hard to pull forward and its quite grippy and doesn't allow windscreen to snug down, but I lubricated rubber with bit of silicon and got it snugged down, and marked holes etc.


I drilled and tapped all holes which I am pleased about, so no fiddling with nuts on the back.

Centre stay and escutcheons all good. Only marked the holes for now, so when i dissasemble for paint, i will drill them then.


Windscreen wipers also fitted, since I now had an edge to measure from. Opened holes out slowly and cut some decent pipe spacers and all good.

Just motor to fit.